Community-based Cultural Safety and Healthcare Transformation Dialogues

Since 2016, iCON has partnered with Indigenous communities and health authorities to co-host community Dialogue Events, bringing together Indigenous communities, patients, local western and Traditional Practitioners and administrators to discuss health system transformation and integration of traditional practices into healthcare settings.

Three Dialogue Events have been co-developed and co-hosted across 2017 and 2018 to explore improving access to traditional healing practices. Specific objectives include to:

  1. Inform local health authority about best practices for incorporating traditional healing practices from a community and physician perspective.
  2. Improve health professional understanding of traditional healing and the role of traditional practitioners.
  3. Introduce traditional practitioners’ perspectives to shift practices and incorporate traditional healing into delivery of health care in acute care.
  4. Invite Indigenous patients, caregivers and communities to share their perspectives and vision of attaining health and wellness.
  5. Identify areas for improvement in current processes in hospitals, emergency departments and other acute settings in BC to honour patient requests for access to traditional practitioners.


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